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weboostIn today’s world, we need the Internet more than ever. What was used as a means of entertainment can now be used for Businesses as well. To adhere to that standard, the 4G LTE medium is released. This promises greater speeds as opposed to the previous version 3G.

Now, that being said, you need to have good signal strength to be able to enjoy non-stop entertainment and good clarity of calls or VoIP applications. But, what if you’re in an area where signal can’t get through?

Getting a signal booster is a wise choice. Signal boosters acts as a repeater or an amplifier of weak signals. It gets even the faintest signal and it is able to amplify it and broadcast those strengthened signals wherever you need it.

If you’re looking for a good signal booster, then you may want to take a look at weBoost’s Connect 4G Cell Phone Booster Kit. The weBoost Connect uses a yagi-directional antenna to get signals.

The Yagi-directional antenna is an antenna that gets signals from one source. In short, you can focus on the direction of your service provider’s cell tower in order to gain the maximum amount of signal possible.

The weBoost Connect should be mounted on a high-place, preferably the rooftop or the highest floor of your house. This is to ensure that you will get a good amount of signal from your service provider’s cell tower.

According to their website, you can get signals of varying degrees depending on how much signal you can currently get. For example, if you can get 3-4 bars of signal strength, you can receive up to 3,500 sq. feet of amplified signals inside your home.

Now, I did mention earlier that the weBoost Connect is a kit, right? When you buy the weBoost connect, you will receive these items:

  • weBoost Connect 4G 65dB amplifier
  • weBoost Directional Outside Antenna
  • weBoost Panel Inside Antenna
  • 30' White Low Loss Cable (950630)
  • 2 x 15' White Low Loss Cables with Barrel Connector
  • 8" Flat Coax Cable
  • AC Power Supply
  • Installation Guide

Now, on to the installation of the product. The installation may require you to do some drilling, so if you’re not comfortable doing it, you can hire a contractor or electrician to do it for you.

Keep in mind that the best possible location to put the booster is in the highest platform of your house. That is why it is preferred that you put it on your rooftop. Furthermore, upon putting the yagi-directional antenna on the rooftop of your house, run the cable to the amplifier.

The amplifier needs to be plugged into a power source for it to work. Basically, just attach the cables to their appropriate ports (attach the shortest cable to the “Outside Antenna” port and the 30ft cable that comes with the antenna to the “Inside Antenna” port.

Power it on and you’re good to go! The only thing to keep in mind is the placement of the Antenna, other than that, installation should be a breeze.

If you’re looking to boost your service provider’s signals, weBoost Connect 4G Cellphone booster kit is a good choice.