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The Gateway 3DS is a super star (or at the very least an expected super star) among gamers. It was introduced in June 2013 and was met with high expectations. The question is almost a year later does it really meet the expectations that everyone had.


The purchase nets you 2 cards and a case. The red card is for the 3ds games from 4.1 to 4.5 firmware. The blue cartridge is for Nintendo DS flash carts. Do they meet their hype? That really depends on who you ask.


Die hard users are happy with the Gateway 3DS and they do not mind the added costs. Other less experienced users do not notice the difference and do not feel like the cost is justified. Whether this is the card for you or not depends on your level of experience and your need for customization.


The Pro's


These are one of a kind flashcards that allow the user to play a host of regional games as long as they fall within a certain level of firmware this is actually a blessing and a curse because while they are very up to date today in 6 months from now they may not be. As the firmware changes and it will there will be certain steps that have to be taken to up date the cards.


Of course since the cards are readily able to expand it means that you do not have to run out to buy a new card as things evolve.


The Con's


The most obvious con is the cost. The Gateway 3DS is probably 1/3 more expensive than other cards with like abilities. The cost can be justified but most people would rather save some cash and get a flash card that performs well and that is still affordable.


There are some compatibility issues as well that takes some special tweaking but with a little know how and a bit of time you can work through the issues.




Overall the performance is there and it is worth the extra expense. You do not feel any raised chips under the label like you may with other less expensive flashcards. The storage case is convenient and the cases are sturdy.


You can tell the difference in cost between this card and the bargain basement brands. It works well and is built well which some people feel offsets the extra costs that you have to pay for this type of card.