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Your R4 card will operate exactly the same in the R4 3DS edition.

Firmware kernel improvements are launched whenever necessary to get a fresh system upgrade for the Nintendo 3DS XL or 3DS consoles. That exact firmware will allow the R4 card to continue to function on the 3DS XL the same like it would on your standard 3DS.


Now... It's crucial say that for the R4 card to operate on the 3DS XL, it needs to be a 3DS R4 card which is compatible. The majority of the older R4 cards and original cards were designed for only the DS Lite and DS, and as a result, they will not be able to function on the Nintendo 3DS XL or 3DS consoles. This entire post assumes that the card can operate on the 3DS original games console.

Your 1st step would be to ensure that you have obtained the appropriate firmware for your own card from the R4 3DS firmware division. Every R4 card contains its very own special firmware kernel records. The setup details are basically the similar for each R4 Card, the only difference would be in the files you wind up getting in your firmware archive file package.

1. Unarchive or uncompressed the R4 firmware.rar file. You will see that the file name is the same as the card type, and this will be archived or compressed in either ZIP format or RAR.

2. Once you’re the folders are created through WinRAR or WinZip, you then have to press to open the file, and not simply duplicate the R4 FIRMWARE folder to your own memory card. This is really due to the fact that you have to place the files all in the ORIGIN of your memory card.

What exactly is the root of your memory card? Just look at it as a window which opens when you hit the removable drive option in your MAC or Windows file manager. With nothing in your main folder in any way.

3. On completion of copying the firmware files, you may grab some cool 3DS homebrew programs or games that you use and can download for free on your R4 from our very own 3D homebrew webpage. We constantly updating that webpage with applications and a growing number of homebrew games on a regularly.