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Apple just released the newest iPhone, the iPhone 6s. The iPhone 6s is the best iPhone yet as it includes the all new A9 chip, which is touted to be the best processor used in a mobile phone, as well as a really cool 12 mega-pixel camera that is able to capture vivid images and can also record 4k Videos as well.

Plus, the phone has 4G and LTE support so you will have data connectivity on the go. With these many features, the iPhone 6 is truly a monster of a smartphone. But, if you’re constantly on the go, you may very well experience low to no signal reception at all.

This is where ReachCase R79X Mobile Phone signal booster comes in. The R79X is a mobile phone signal booster specifically designed for the iPhone 6s. It comes in a very sturdy shell that has been made with “military-class” materials for ensured protection for the phone.

Here is the list of features for the ReachCase R79X:

  • Made with Military-class Polycarbonate and TPE Materials- This is to ensure heavy-duty performance. Do not worry about dropping your iPhone 6s because the ReachCase R79X will surely protect it.
  • Integrated Antenna- Works in tandem with the 6s' antenna to extend LTE signal coverage up to 3x. The antenna slides in for optimal performance.
  • Very trendy and not bulky- most other protective cases for the iPhone 6s weigh a ton. The ReachCase R79X weighs only a few pounds, and can easily be put in the pocket without any problems at all.

The ReachCase R79X does not only support LTE signals, but it can also boost 2G up to 4G frequencies as well. You can enjoy unlimited data access and improved call clarity across the board, thanks to the ReachCase R79X.

There is nothing much going on with the ReachCase R79X other than it helps protect your iPhone 6s as well as improves signal reception. With that being said, let’s look at some customer reviews:

Khali: “I've read a lot of reviews before buying the R79X because I wanted to know if it is a good signal booster. The vast majority is split, so I went on to buy it myself. The case has a very sturdy construction, and it is really true to its name when they say that it offers "military-class" protection. Furthermore, I get uninterrupted LTE signals every hour of the day. So I am here to tell you, this signal booster really works!"

Rex: "This is a high quality case for my iPhone 6s. It fits the smartphone perfectly, and it really protects the phone from any external damage. I am quite a clumsy person, and I drop my phone at times. In fact, I've already dropped my iPhone 6s on three occassions, but the ReachCase really protected it from shock and scratches! The overall signal reception also improved as I have noticed that my calls are much clearer than ever before. Would highly recommend this product!"

The ReachCase R79X Mobile phone signal booster for the iPhone 6s only costs $30. For a sturdy construction and improved signals, this is a very good mobile phone signal booster for the iPhone 6s.